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Artisian Workshops eggery order form

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Please select from the list below, the egg you would like to order. Enter the name and number of the item and use the message box to add additional comments regarding your order.

No two eggs are exactly the same ! I can recreate any egg you see in the current collection, in a color scheme (if possible) of your choice that will make it 'one of a kind'. If you know exactly what you would like these modifications to be, please use the comment box below to exactly describe what you have in mind.

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Page One,  eggs  # 's 1 - 6

Number Name Price Picture Order




2 Bastet $180SOLD Picture
3 Church $375 Picture
4 Empress $160SOLD Picture
5 Fairytale $175SOLD Picture
6 Galaxy $150SOLD Picture

Page Two,  eggs  # 's 7 - 12

Number Name Price Picture Order





8 Gold'npearls $250SOLD Picture
9 Harlaquin $175SOLD Picture
10 Helmet $250SOLD Picture
11 Women $350SOLD Picture
12 Marriage $325SOLD Picture

Page Three,  eggs  # 's 13 - 18

Number Name Price Picture Order


Mink Fantasy


14 Party Time $160SOLD Picture
15 Picnic $175SOLD Picture
16 Pink Lady $225SOLD Picture
17 Renaissance $200SOLD Picture
18 Roman $175SOLD Picture

Page Four,  eggs  # 's 19 - 24

Number Name Price Picture Order





20 Siam $150SOLD Picture
21 Victorian $175SOLD Picture
22 Wedding $175SOLD Picture
23 Jewelry Boxes $325SOLD Picture
24 Crystal Horse $225SOLD Picture

Page Five,  eggs  # 's 25 - 32

Number Name Price Picture Order





26 Blue Jay $250SOLD Picture
27 Butterfly $300SOLD Picture
28 Elegance $175SOLD Picture
29 Springtime $150SOLD Picture
30 Silver Shadow $175SOLD Picture
31 Chastity $150SOLD Picture
32 Baby's First $180SOLD Picture
Please fill in all required fields.( * ) This mail form will not be sent with missing fields. Artisian Workshops will never sell your name or email address to other retailers. In fact, we won't even e-mail you (except for special order clarifications), unless we have your permission first.
All custom orders require a 40% deposit at the time of contract agreement.

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  • To request any special modifications to an egg in the collection. Please still check the box next to the egg you are referencing.
  • To place a custom order. Please be as clear as you can. I will still be talking with you on the phone or in email where we will further discuss exactly what you are looking for.

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