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Hello and welcome to Artisian Workshops,

The reason I have been in business so long?

I listen to what you, the customer, are saying to me. Sometimes I can sense, by working with you, exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Having designed for so many people it seems so natural to "see" what it is that you want, and sometimes, our design surprises you by being something that you did not imagine, but suits your personality much more than you thought possible.

In creative companionship, Maureen L.R. Bloesch Inspirations come from all things around me.

When I had gotten a bottle of perfume as a gift, I envisioned it "floating" in a stained glass panel.

A friend gave me some seashells, In my mind, I saw them scattered around a lampshade in a field of green, like parts of the ocean.

My husband created fused glass pieces. I created a lamp around them.

When I see an egg it doesn't just inspire me to eat one, it inspires me to create something beautiful.

Gems crystals, earrings, and pins all add to the already intriguing beauty of the egg.

I can invision a cameo set center on an egg that's cut to look like a flower when opened to reveal a soft gathered fabric within.

Pearls and crystals, set on an egg, create a vision of royalty.

Colors add a tickle to the senses.

When I add music to an egg, it's to let you the buyer, have that opportunity to pass into the fantasy land that I created, just for you.

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