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Artisian Workshops painting order form

Please fill in all required fields. This mail form will not be sent with missing fields. Artisian Workshops will never sell your name or email address to other retailers. In fact, we won't even e-mail you (except for purchase confirmations and order clarifications), unless we have your permission first. I will call to confirm your order and take your payment information on the phone.
Mastercard and Visa credit cards and personal checks are accepted. All custom orders require a 40% deposit at the time of contract agreement. Mastercard and Visa credit cards accepted

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Drawings Available:


Blind Man       


Baby Kestrel   

Cat Drinking   


Wilted, color   

Clipper Ships  

Portraits Available:

American Indian 32 " X 28 "   
A composite of the Cheyenne, Osage, Black Foot, Sioux and Algonquin Indians.

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mastercard and visa credit cards accepted
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